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We love our Volunteers!!

Volunteers are the backbone and the secret weapon of our DreambuildersCare service offered to our community, without volunteers our community would not receive the amazing services offered. We are always looking for enthusiastic team members to join us; if you think this might be you, please email us for more information...

DreambuildersCare keeps its volunteer application process very basic. Please contact us on to request a volunteer form and information about our day-time and/or evening services.

We are always keen to meet new team members and serve the community we really look forward to meeting you!!

DreambuildersCare Volunteer Spaces.....

Low-Cost Supermarket/OpShop (Day-time Services):

This is what we do during the day.....our low-cost supermarket provides basic groceries at the lowest cost we possibly can to help our customers dollar go as far as it can.

Our op-shop operates to offer quality second-hand clothes & goods at great prices and the revenue made in this space goes toward 'keeping the lights on'. 

Community Meals Cafe Evening Services):

And this is what we have the privilege to do in the evenings....our community meals cafe serves our community four (4) nights a week to offer a delicious & nutritious meal as well as a barista-made hot drink, in an environment that is friendly and inclusive. Feel free to have a coffee and share stories with our guests.

Community Church:

A space to connect with each other and discuss real life....our community church serves our community every Wednesday evening @ 6:30pm, offering a place to engage in discipleship and be able to encourage each other to do life well.

Occasional Volunteering (Christmas)

DreambuildersCare is always excited at this time of the year to offer our community both Christmas Hampers &/or a Christmas Day Community Dinner. If you are interested in volunteering for either of these spaces, please email us @ and we will be able to give you information for hamper packing, distribution and our Christmas Dinner plans.

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If you are seeking assistance do not hesitate to contact us now.  

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